“I Walk”

Written By: JmanX – May 2002 ©

I woke up
Put on my shirt
Put on my pants
Put on my shoes and socks
I brushed my teeth and combed my hair
I emptied my pockets
Opened the door
And I walked away.

Down a road that had no end
I headed straight and true
Ignoring my surroundings
Looking forward
A cleared mind
Troubled no longer
I walked away.

Light and darkness pass
Time no longer exists
Hunger hurts and begs
But soon dies empty
The road takes me anywhere
The road takes me nowhere
I walked away.

No sleep
No stopping
No worries
No more pain
No more wishing
No more hoping
But walking away.

I slow my walk
Come to a stop
No longer needing to walk
The end of the road lies here
Life and my existence fade
And I walk no more.


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