“Summer Love”

Written By: JmanX – May 2002 ©

You open the screen door to your backyard and step out. The sun greets you, a warm embrace you are glad to receive, but your eyes are more cautious and give a squinted look. Eventually though, as you take a couple steps away from the door, your eyes give in and open up.

A cool breeze gently urges you forward, towards a lawn chair and table waiting for you. You give no resistance and a smile as you are ushered along, a cool wind at your back and the sun walking you along. Your sandals flip flop loudly and your shirt and shorts dancing with the wind.

You reach the table and chair, but before sitting you pause to take a drink. You lift the glass of lemonade you carried out with you and take a sip. The ice chinks against the glass as if were a liquid wind chime. The lemonade is like ambrosia and your taste buds rejoice and urge you to let it linger a second before you swallow it down. When you finish swallowing, you let out an “aah” and set the glass down on the table. The condensation already forming on the outside of the glass.

You slowly sit down and the lawn chair, easing your way down, not wanting to rush anything. You lean back and kick your legs out in front of you. Your eyes drift up to the sky, the sun is too bright, so you raise your hand to shade your eyes. You then look at the cloudless sky which is so blue you think you think if you stare too long at it you might go crazy.

Closing your eyes and relaxing your muscles, you let the summer weather consume you. You can feel the sun’s heat soaking into your skin, warming you in a way nothing else can. Soon you think it’s getting a bit too hot, and then the breeze is back to cool your skin. As it flows over you it feels as if it’s massaging out the heat and you are sure you know what ecstasy is like.

Time ticks by, but you have no knowledge of it. It has stopped for you. All you know is the heat, the cool, the birds talking back and forth in the trees around you, and the cool lemonade sitting at arm’s lenght away from you. Your worries and tensions of the world have been melted away by the sun, and life is good.

Suddenly you feel something big and furry rest on your leg. You peek open one eye and look down to see your best friend laying his head on your lap, staring up at you. Although he’s in full adulthood, he’s still got those puppy dog eyes that beg to be loved and you just can’t resist. You stretch out your hand, which he licks lovingly. You then gently pet his soft fur, scratching him behind his ears and on his chest. You close your eyes again, as you continue to pet him, and you can hear is tail thumping against the ground as he wags it merrily.

You are in Heaven, along with your companion, at least for the moments time. But to you it last an enternity. This is summer, this is love.


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