Rant: Hypocritical Racist Terminology

Okay, this one is probably going to be a bit more controversial, and if anyone cares, might upset some people.  But this is meant to just be an honest question of the way things are, and I’m willing to discuss and change my opinion if I’m wrong.  So anyways, here goes:


“I Fight For The Users”

There are a lot of people who are “users” nowadays, and I’ll be honest, I’m usually one of those people that gets used by them.  These “users” are people who just take in any relationship, they don’t give back any of the feelings or actions back to the other person.  For the longest time I “fought” for them, I would do whatever it took to stay friends or in a relationship with these people.  This is mostly because I felt lonely and am not the most social person in the world, so I have few friends or people I hang out with.  I basically was the perfect fit for an user.

But over the years I’ve become tired of chasing after people that don’t seem to actually want to be with me or put me as a priority.  I am tired of the selfishness of this era of humanity.  Everyone is all about “Me first”.  So few genuinely care about their fellow human beings.  This “selfie” generation is all about satisfying their own needs, taking what they want from people around them, and then discarding them for whatever new thing that comes along that they can leech onto.  When it comes to politics and social issues, people only get involved if it directly affects them.  And if it doesn’t, they have no sympathy for the people who’s rights are getting trampled on.  But that gets into another topic I’ll save for another time.

This is something I want no part of.  I love giving, so yeah, maybe I’ll be taken advantage of by some “user” in the future, but I’ll do it because I want to.  Because I want to make their lives a little better, to do what I can, even if it means some self-sacrifice.  But it doesn’t mean that I’m doing it to get their acceptance, or to keep them as a friend or romantic interest.  Those people that want to be in my life will have to actually want to be in my life.  They’ll have to work just as hard as I do to make the relationship work.  I’m not asking that they do everything I want them to or make it all about me, but any good friendship or relationship requires give and take.  I’m not going to pathetically try and keep sending messages to someone hoping that they’ll be in a good enough mood to talk back for a little bit before they move on to something better.  I’m not going to be the old dusty board game they pull out of the closet when all other forms of entertainment have been exhausted.  If you want to hang out with me that’s great, but if you’re only talking to me because there’s no one else, then maybe I have other things to do.  If you want to flirt and talk romantically, but then when I want to make a move, you’re nowhere to be found or have changed your mind, then that’s fine, but I’ll know where I stand and don’t come back to me trying to flirt again.

It’s one of the reasons I started my YouTube series “Journey Of 1”.  I was tired of waiting for other people to go do things with.  There are so many fun things to do and if I only went with people who have better things to do then I’d never go.  So I just decided I’m going to go on my own.  Enjoy life even if it means doing it solo.  I’ll let the people who don’t want to join me do what makes them happy, and I’ll go do something that I like.  If someone wants to join me, that’s great, but I ain’t gonna beg or wait around for you to decide if what I want to do is good enough for your time.

What I mean to say really is I’ve realized that I have worth.  My time is valuable and I’m no one’s lapdog they can beckon over when they feel the whim.  I have needs and desires for a relationship and that’s just as important as the other person’s.  Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop being friends or talking with anyone, I value the relationships I have now and enjoy them.  I will always do my best to be the best friend/person I can be to those people and do the best I can to make their lives better.  Just saying, I think it’s only fair to want that in return.