“The Hollow Man”

Written by: JmanX – May 2002 ©
(This was submitted on DeviantART, and an artist that read this created a piece of artwork that he felt represented the poem, you can view it here: Hollow)

A tiny hole in the heart
It expands, dissolving it away
feasting upon the blood that flows through my veins
relishing in it, drinking it down
the heart is devoured and gone
but the hunger is not quenched
as you continue to live somehow
you are eaten from the inside
slow torture as your organs are eaten away
the pain doesn’t go away, but it doesn’t take over
it just eats away, in the background
tiny jabs of hurt every so often to bring you back
the emptiness inside grows
when everything is gone, you hope it is over
but it attacks your brain
destroying it all but the memories
the memories are left intact, while all other is lost
The pain lives inside you, keeping you alive
not allowing you to forget the memories
you are forced to go on, as a hollow shell
filled with nothing but the pain and memories
No one can help you, no one knows your suffering
one thought constantly on your mind,
brought back and dangled in front of you whenever you let your mind wander
each time the pain grows when you wince and remember
one thought, one answer is all you want
but you will never get it, the answer lies in a place you are forbidden from
the emptiness and pain inside keeps coming back, asking, taunting, laughing
you are no longer human, a complete being
all you know
all you want to know why
all of what’s left
all of you asks


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