PUNctuation Witticisms


“Last Moment With You”

Written By: JmanX – January 2003 ©

If I had one day to live
I’d spend it with you

If I had one day to live
I’d only think of you

If I had one day to live
The most I’d miss is you

If I had one day to live
I’d live everything through you

If I had one day to live
If I had one day with you

I would live forever in that day
Cause in your eyes I am lost
When I’m with you time stops
Our love overcomes all
And I could live a thousand days
If I spend one day with you.


“The Challenge”

Written By: JmanX – July 2002 ©

Night after night, he would walk down the stairs of his old dark house. Carrying a single candle with him he would descend into the basement. He had long since given up the peace and serenity of sleep.

Across the street, the neighbors would look out their windows, and see him walk from his upstairs bedroom every evening, carrying the lit candle, and go down below. They feared he’d gone mad, his clothes all a tatter, his hair wild, long, and unshaven. They would whisper and wonder, as strange noises and sounds of devilry could be heard from his basement.

The man would ritually set down the candle next to him, fitting perfectly with the melted wax place holder from previous nights past. He then sat down in an unnaturally old wooden chair, which creaked and moaned as he leaned back into it. He would look into the darkness across from him. Trying to stare down the fierce opponent he must battle against on this night.

After some time passes, he gets up and walks into the darkness. With a grunt he grabs hold of the beast of which haunts his dreams and rules his life. But his foe will not give up without a fight, and struggles against the man. Twisting and turning it wrenches free from the man’s hands. He stumbles backwards and falls back into his chair, frustrated at the incredible cunning of it.

It sits there, staring back at him, beckoning him to come forward and try again. It laughs at him and his weak strategies. The man closes his eyes, wishing to see no more of it, covering his ears to stop the torturous taunting. Finally he can take it no more and runs at it, pouncing on it and beats it with his fist, he picks it up and hurls it across the basement into the brick wall. He yells mightily, an animal roar of victory, but it soon quiets to a whimper as he sees it still there, alive and unharmed by the brunt of the man’s attacks.

The man cries out, “It can not be so!” falls to his knees, hands outstretched in the air, fists clenched tightly. He drops his face to the floor and rests on his forearms. He breathes hard and deeply, his heart giving finally giving up, an action his brain had conceded long ago. He looks up and sees it right in front of him. He reaches out with one hand and takes a hold of it. He gives one last effort to defeat it, but fails, and collapses, his last breath exhaled at the feet of the unbeatable one.

The next day comes and goes, and the neighbors come to their windows to watch the man go down once more. But this night they do not see him come down, and hear no sound from his house. They sigh in relief, hoping that the madness has ended. But they are also worried, as this has gone on for so long; they wonder why now, what has happened, what went on. The next night and day pass, and they grow worried that not all is right.

The police are called in, and they arrive at the man’s house. They knock on the door, calling out his name. But there is no answer. The two officers walk around to the back door, which is swinging open in the wind. They enter the house, hands on the hilt of their gun, calling his name. They search the house and do not see anything, but as they walk near the stairway they smell an awful smell coming from below, and they go down to investigate. The lights are off and there is a faint smell of smoke amid the putrid stench. As they reach the bottom, they find a light switch on the wall and turn on the lights, not expecting them to work. But amazingly enough, the lights come on right away, and illuminate the basement, showing the evil deed that had been done.

They recoil at the sight of the crazed looking man, lying dead on the floor. The room has been destroyed; a seemingly never used workbench and tools are overturned and broken. Several pipes, one of which was the water line, were broken, and there was mucky water pooled on one side of the room. One officer mentioned that the man must have been without water for at least a week. They decide to get a closer inspection of the man, trying to determine if there was foul play involved. They see no evident cuts or wounds, and no marks of strangulation. They think it may have been a heart attack or something of that sort.

The officers stand back up and take one last look at the man before they leave, and notice his outstretched hand. They look a few feet away from him and notice something lying in the shadows. One officer pulls out his flashlight and shines the light at it. What they see leaves them puzzled, wondering what went on, what they see is a child’s toy, an old, battered Rubix Cube, almost completely solved, with the exception of one more turn. The other officer walks over and picks it up, staring at it. He makes the last turn, completing all the sides to the same color.

The officer looks at the other and tells him, “You know, I’ve never been able to solve one of these.”


“The Hollow Man”

Written by: JmanX – May 2002 ©
(This was submitted on DeviantART, and an artist that read this created a piece of artwork that he felt represented the poem, you can view it here: Hollow)

A tiny hole in the heart
It expands, dissolving it away
feasting upon the blood that flows through my veins
relishing in it, drinking it down
the heart is devoured and gone
but the hunger is not quenched
as you continue to live somehow
you are eaten from the inside
slow torture as your organs are eaten away
the pain doesn’t go away, but it doesn’t take over
it just eats away, in the background
tiny jabs of hurt every so often to bring you back
the emptiness inside grows
when everything is gone, you hope it is over
but it attacks your brain
destroying it all but the memories
the memories are left intact, while all other is lost
The pain lives inside you, keeping you alive
not allowing you to forget the memories
you are forced to go on, as a hollow shell
filled with nothing but the pain and memories
No one can help you, no one knows your suffering
one thought constantly on your mind,
brought back and dangled in front of you whenever you let your mind wander
each time the pain grows when you wince and remember
one thought, one answer is all you want
but you will never get it, the answer lies in a place you are forbidden from
the emptiness and pain inside keeps coming back, asking, taunting, laughing
you are no longer human, a complete being
all you know
all you want to know why
all of what’s left
all of you asks


“I Walk”

Written By: JmanX – May 2002 ©

I woke up
Put on my shirt
Put on my pants
Put on my shoes and socks
I brushed my teeth and combed my hair
I emptied my pockets
Opened the door
And I walked away.

Down a road that had no end
I headed straight and true
Ignoring my surroundings
Looking forward
A cleared mind
Troubled no longer
I walked away.

Light and darkness pass
Time no longer exists
Hunger hurts and begs
But soon dies empty
The road takes me anywhere
The road takes me nowhere
I walked away.

No sleep
No stopping
No worries
No more pain
No more wishing
No more hoping
But walking away.

I slow my walk
Come to a stop
No longer needing to walk
The end of the road lies here
Life and my existence fade
And I walk no more.