“You’re Still Alive, My Old Friend”

“”Still! Old! Friend!”

Yes, it’s been a little while.  I had begun to think I might not ever get a chance to return and revitalize these old sites.  It has been so long.  But like Kirk, it’s hard to keep a good man down.  So here we are again, back at it.

I think the biggest thing that kept me away and from coming back was the willingness to give up the design of the old site.  It was a very cool design done by an old web designer friend.  But unfortunately the internet and technology kept advancing and it was no longer able to fit all the new screens.  It also required a lot more effort to make a page and keep things updated.  So I did what I did with all my other sites, I put them behind glass to be preserved as they were and lost the key.

But like the Genesis Project, what was a desolate wasteland is being reborn.  I’ll be slowly rebuilding this site, getting all the old stuff moved over.  And then I’ll be able to start adding all the new stuff.  I’ve taken lots of photos over the years since I last updated.  But mostly, I want to be able to bitch and rant about stuff again.  I find that I’m pretty opinionated on quite a few subjects, and sometimes Twitter’s 140 character limit can’t encapsulate my passion about a subject.

Anyways, if you care, I hope you enjoy it all.  But mostly this is a site for myself, a public journal of sorts.  Either way, welcome back old friends.


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