The Other Side Of The Coin

So I’ve added a new category to the site “Scrapbook” this week.  This will be a section where I post stuff that I find personally motivating or interesting.  It will also be a place where I post stuff that I wouldn’t really post on my main site ““.

On that site, I aim to always keep the content clean and family safe.  Which also means that some stuff that might be have more adult language or content is not really included in that vision.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t also some interesting stuff I would like to share.  This doesn’t mean I’m going to be posting porn and gore on here, not at all.  In fact, hopefully the content I get to share here will be more thought provoking, something that might actually matter or inspire, or maybe just cause a good laugh.  So I’ll try and continue to add stuff to this new section when I come across it, give it a look.


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