Rant: TV & Babies

*This post was written a long time ago when I was much younger.  Any views represented in this post may not necessarily be shared my present day me.  They are being included for historical posterity and amusement of past thoughts on the subjects of the time.*

I was watching television recently (as I’m accustomed to doing occasionally), and I saw a commercial for a diaper company.  In it they showed the baby’s rear end in full view of the camera.  Now for many, this doesn’t even cross their minds.  But for me, I’m sick and tired of seeing a baby’s behind on television.  I don’t find it cute, or appealing.  I do not feel that my television viewing should be subjected to being shown the butts of babies.  Now I do not say that viewing of your own child’s behind (e.g. during diaper changes) is something that is wrong and shouldn’t be done (eck, that sounded wrong, but wasn’t meant that way, but I can’t word it any better).  There is no need to show baby butts when selling a diaper, much like the same way feminine hygiene products don’t show the area of usage.  I know that for some (coughfemalescough) they feel as if this is cute, and don’t mind seeing them, but I don’t.  I do not feel that they are cute, and don’t want my television invaded with their images.  I implore you advertising companies, please do not show the naked buttocks of infants or otherwise.  If you continue to do so, I will be forced to drive by your company picnics with my friends and moon you all in protest of your commercials.


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