Rant: Female Athletes

*This post was written a long time ago when I was much younger.  Any views represented in this post may not necessarily be shared my present day me.  They are being included for historical posterity and amusement of past thoughts on the subjects of the time.*

I’m sure that you’ve seen those new “Mrs. Jones” Nike commercials where she points out things she sees wrong like Olympic athletes only being appreciated during the Olympics (every 4 years).  That’s all fine and dandy, but a new commercial by her starts going off on how women athletes are paid less than men, yet they work just as hard.  I’ll be the first to admit that that is true, but it doesn’t mean that they must be paid the same as the male athletes.  The reason the males are paid more is because they draw a bigger audience and more profits, which means that there is more money to be paid.  This isn’t a sexist thing, it’s a business thing.  Who brings in more money, Kobe Bryant or Lisa Leslie?  And who gets paid more?  The answer to both is Kobe.

Now, let me show another example.  Same two questions, but only this time compare Shaq to Rick Fox (both LA Lakers players).  Shaq brings in more money and is therefore paid more, it’s the same reasoning.  You can do this with anyone both male and female athletes.  You bring in more money and attract more attention, then you get paid more.  It’s a simple thing, no sexist reasoning involved.  I personally think that this is a decent system, you earn your pay.  I don’t think there is necessarily any difference in the amount of effort put forth by the female and male athletes.  Unfortunately women athletes don’t yet get the amount of attention and adoration I’m sure they deserve.  But that doesn’t mean they can get paid more than they are able to bring in.


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