Rant: Eminem and Political Correctness Policy: Tolerance

*This post was written a long time ago when I was much younger.  Any views represented in this post may not necessarily be shared my present day me.  They are being included for historical posterity and amusement of past thoughts on the subjects of the time.*

This rant was inspired by the whole controversy over Eminem’s new album and the lyrics that he has in the songs. Just listen to one of his songs and you’ll hear what everyone is talking about. People are angry cause his lyrics talk badly about women, gays & lesbians, and violence. Eminem claims his 1st amendment rights.

What do I think. I have to agree with Eminem. He is an artist who writes songs and what he says in those lyrics aren’t inciting anyone to violence, although he may talk about it, he also talks about how he doesn’t want people to take the lyrics seriously and apply them to real life (go listen to the song by him named “Stan”). He isn’t being irresponsible by saying these things. And no one should force him to stop. If parents don’t want their kids to listen to his songs and lyrics, then they (the parents) are responsible for not allowing their kids to listen to it and make sure they don’t get them. Eminem still has the right to sell his record to those willing and able to buy them. People who take these lyrics too serious, and then go do something wrong, it’s not his fault. There will always be people who take things wrong or aren’t emotionally stable enough to be able to interpret right and wrong, and fantasy from reality. But these people can’t stop the rest of the world from being able to listen to it and not go do something wrong. The 1st amendment has been fought over a lot, but it still stands for free speech (among other things) and that gives us the right to say what we feel (as long as it doesn’t incite violence, endanger someone, etc). Eminem, and everyone has the right to say and think what he wants.  I have the right to say things, and everything else on this site, including other rants. If what I say doesn’t sit right with everyone, and if it’s controversial, and if it doesn’t preach the current trend of “tolerance” for all people, I still have the right to say it and express it.  You have the right to disagree with me, you have the right to publicly say that you don’t agree with me, that you think what I’m saying is wrong, and that you don’t like me. You have that right, and what you would be doing is exactly what I’m doing. Everyone has that 1st amendment right. Just as Eminem does as well.

So lay off Eminem, take your “tolerance” and preach it to someone who cares.  But don’t try and censor people who disagree, don’t stop others from being able to hear what they want. I don’t know or care if you like Eminem or not, or if you agree with his lyrics. Just don’t try and get rid of him, and as for me, I’m going to go listen to Eminem’s song “The Way That I Am”. Maybe you oughta listen to his songs and the words, and decide for yourself if he really is trying to preach hate, and decide if the 1st amendment is something you’d like to keep around.


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